Confessions of an SL Shopaholic



I love to shop at Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery. This amazing company and it’s creator/designer Belle Roussel embraces:

Elegance, sophistication and creative decadence

I feel amazing when I wear Chop Zuey.

Pic 1
Tomorrow’s Son Gold by Chop Zuey
Photo by Dimivan Ludwig
CZ Glam silk
Paparazzi in blue by Chop Zuey

…and a love of all living creatures. The Animal Speaks Collection: beautiful and charitable.

Octopussy in Black by Chop Zuey
I love that the proceeds from the Animal Speaks collection raised funds for the World Wildlife Foundation. Chop Zuey’s Belle Roussel is a first class lady!
Tiger Totem choker from Chop Zuey's Animal Speaks Collection.
Tiger Totem choker from Chop Zuey’s Animal Speaks Collection.
Hair- Emotions- Anaconda
Clothing- Feral Spirit- Spirit of Black Panther
Nails- Static-Polished Claws
Avalon brunette
Laughter & Resurrection Choker with Grace Notes bangle in Blue & Wht Diamond Drop earrings.
Dress- Elsea Carter- “Red Sky at Night”
Hair-Damselfly- Melosa (Mocha Splash)

There’s truly no store in SL like Chop Zuey. Go see for yourself:


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