Chop Zuey Takes Center Stage on It’s 5th Anniversary

Let’s face it. Chop Zuey is a master at upstaging with its dazzling, creative and awe-inspiring designs. No wonder the couture jewellery store’s been around for five years and showing no signs of slowing down. The label’s designer, Belle Roussel continues to create new and absolutely gorgeous works of art. In her latest creation, Belle gives a tongue-in-cheek nod to Betty and Veronica in the classic comic book series “Archie”, with the “Don’t Call Me Betty (I’m Veronica)” texture changing set.

The exquisite detail combined with a multitude of options and color combinations in the texture changing HUD, makes this creation the go-to set to satisfy your every whim. For example, I configured the set to feature a soft green gemstone to match my eyes. Then I changed my mind and chose to feature a ruby gemstone to accent my gown. Oh man! I just love having so many options at my fingertips and for just one price, I might add.

Speaking of price, you can get this fabulous set at a discount but you’ll have to hurry and get to Chop Zuey fast! The first 50 are available at 50% off! (*Update: At last count there were only 20 discounted sets left!)



Jewellery Set: Chop Zuey– Don’t Call Me Betty

Gown: GizzA ~ Lavinia Dress [Red]

Hair: Amacci Hair ~ Pythia ~ Modern Red

Eye Make-up: Madrid Solo ~ Full Face Design- Spotted Owl Full Set

Model and Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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