A Pageant to Remember

The Face of Chop Zuey pageant is over and what an amazing experience it was. I truly enjoyed competing in this pageant. It was challenging, fun and I met some really wonderful people.

The judges really got it right when they chose Rehana Selijan as the next Face of Chop Zuey. She’s beautifully exotic with a wonderful sense of style and I know she’ll do the Chop Zuey brand proud. Congratulations Rehana!

I suppose I can retire my outfits now that it’s all over. But before I do, I thought it might be fun to show you my stylings and give you an idea of what it was like to participate in such an extraordinary pageant.

FOCZ CU 1There were three stylings required that were spread out into two weeks. The first one was my favorite, since we had free reign over what we wore. There was only one requirement: use Chop Zuey Jewellery creatively and possibly in a way it wasn’t originally designed to be worn. The following descriptions are taken from the scripts we were asked to write, which were to be read to the audience at the show.

Walk One: When Elephants Dream

With this ensemble, I pay homage to my favorite animal by wearing my favorite piece: “When Elephants Dream”. Being the animal advocate that I am, this exotic piece with matching earrings has a special significance to me. Not only do I truly believe in any cause that benefits domestic or wild animals, but ever since I was a child, elephants have had a special place in my heart. Originally designed as a necklace, I chose to feature it as a headpiece.

The stunning Samhain necklace compliments the headpiece and the Rocinate’s Curve and make-up by Nuuna Lyre adds an exotic African tribal flair to the look. Small details, like the splash of red in the Visions of Sugarplums ring and the sexy little ruby La Brooch Derriere add interesting contrast.

I love to add a hint of drama to my styling. So I chose the the edgy “Poona” gown with a half skirt from Sascha’s Designs to compliment the fabulous jewelery. Long live the elephant, I say!

Elephant back

The “Poona” gown from Sascha Designs is sexy and exotic. I had so much fun wearing it on the runway.

Elephant full

The next two outfits are from the second week of the pageant. We were asked to provide photos of our outfits just in case the judges couldn’t rez our outfits, which is what the next two raw photo collages are from.

Walk Two: Pagoda Passion Princess

Every girl loves to feel like royalty once in a while, which is what inspired me to bring a Western flare to an Asian style Jewellery set. Such versatility only proves just how versatile Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery is. The Pagoda Passion Set and Tiara in blue are complimented by the blue in the gown by Sascha Designs. I was”Pagoda Passion” from head to toe: from the stunning headdress, the dazzling drop earnings, the breathtaking double necklace and pendant down to the accents on my shoes.

Adding pendants and earrings to my shoes, I transformed my plain white pumps into a perfect match for the ensemble. I tied the look together by adding a brooch clasp to the backstraps.

Feeling like all eyes were on me, I was ready to attend the ball with my Prince Charming.

A special “Thank you, to the talented Sascha of Sascha Designs who’s always so wonderfully helpful and gracious. Gown worn is “Toush” from Sascha Designs.

Walk Three: Futuristic Chic

Chop Zuey‘s imaginative designs always inspire me to create fabulous stylings with a unique and sometimes theatrical flare. I step dramatically into the future with this chic ensemble that features the beautiful “To Each His Dulcinea” WG Headpiece with the stunning “Tilting at Windmills” brooch and earrings. The look is topped off with the beautiful Soldier of Dreams Bracelet. The Arreter cropped top and Envel Plaid Skirt by Shi set the tone for this edgy look. The tall hair called “Neox” by Vanity Hair creates the perfect backdrop for the headpiece. A look this dramatic calls for equally dramatic makeup so the Red Planet eye makeup by Madrid Solo and Simone Pewter lips by Silken Moon compliment this styling perfectly.


If you’re ever in the position to enter The Face of Chop Zuey pageant, I highly recommend it. It’s challenging, but the honor of being chosen to be part of such an esteemed competition is highly rewarding. I always have been and always will be one of Chop Zuey’s biggest advocates.


Walk One:



 When Elephants Dream Necklace
Samhain Gold Collar/earrings
Rocinate’s Curve Gold upper Arm Bracelets
La Brooch Derriere- Ruby
Visions of Sugarplums ring


Sascha’s Designs~ Poona


Adam N Eve~Slink Opera gloves


Rowne~ Nadja Sandals – Onyx.SLINK


Amacci Hair~Pythia ~ Jet Black


 Nuuna~ Lyre Black
Glam Affair~Romy- Color line 06
Glam Affair~ Romy lipstick- Goddess 01

Model and Photographer: Avalon Chrome

 Walk Two:



Pagoda Passion Blue Set and Tiara
Laughter & Resurrection Blue Ring


Sascha Designs~ Toush


.:EMO-tions:.~* Amita*


::Hucci::~Hucci Jacmel Pump: Moonglow


Madrid Solo~Eyes & Lips~ London LIner and lips

Model and Photographer~ Avalon Chrome

Walk Three:



To Each His Dulcinea WG HeadPiece
Tilting at Windmills brooch and earrings
Soldier of Dreams Bracelet


.Shi ~Arreter: Crop Asymmetric Top
.Shi ~ Envel: Plaid Skirt gray


Vanity Hair ~ “Neox”


Madrid Solo~ Red Planet- Eyes

Model and Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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