Elephant Quest: A Jungle Safari in Chop Zuey and Sweet Temptations

I decided to cross something off on my bucket list today–to come face to face with an elephant. I’ll tell you more about this amazing experience later. But first let’s talk fashion.

How to Dress for a Jungle Safari Fashionista-Style

With the intention of going full-out in animal prints (faux hides of course, because real would just be cruel!). I put on this most amazing and incredibly detailed zebra dress called, “Elsa” from Sweet Temptations.  Then keeping in theme, I put on my “Asphyxia” leopard print heels (Reign) and grabbed my “Cheetah” clutch (Aushka & Co.). (What??? Doesn’t everyone wear high heels a clutch purse on jungle safaris?)

On the Rocks, with a twist

Okay, then there’s the jewellery. I may be swatting mosquitoes, and tripping over animal dung but heck I’m going to look good in Chop Zuey (CZ) while I do it! I adore CZ because I know I’ll find always something to perfectly compliment my outfit. I can also easily mix and match my CZ jewellery.

River Rocks merge Orton

So I found the “River Rocks” set which has a rustic feel to it. I’ve worn it tons of times as it’s gorgeous and just so much fun to wear. But today I felt my look required more bulkiness around my neck.  So I added a chunky CZ beaded necklace (the Pasar la Sal Pearl Choker base) to the “River Rocks” necklace.





Nice Kitty

So for my elephant quest, I found the most incredible sim called the Makeahla Jungle . Quite appropriately, their motto is: “Rediscover the Heart of Nature”.  I was so taken with the natural scenery that I got my feet tangled up in some vines and almost tripped. Had it not been for a very large cat catching my fall, I would have landed flat on my butt. Thankfully, he wasn’t interested in making a meal out of me.

Hold still as sec, while I fix my heel...nice kitty.
Hold still as sec Kitty, while I fix my heel.


Safari Ava and the big ape
Oh my what a big banana you have!



I spent the afternoon taking in the beauty of this wild life on this sim. There are large variety of birds, giraffes, zebras and even orangutangs. In fact, I’m pretty sure one was trying to look down my top from his POV in the trees. The perv! But as beautiful as the sim was and as wonderful as all the animals were, I still couldn’ t find any elephants.





Safari ava on the bridge
The “Elsa” mesh dress by Sweet Temptations is beautifully designed.

At last!

The sun had just set and as I was about to give up, low and behold I stumbled onto a small heard of elephants having a drink of water at a pond. They looked so peaceful, I hated to interrupt them. But they didn’t seem to mind my intrusion as I cautiously moved closer.  I stood before them moved to tears, awe-struck by these great, majestic animals. Speaking softly, I reached up and gently touched the tusk of the larger elephant and then I reached over and stroked her massive leathery trunk.

Safari Elephants Encounter2
Notice the excellent detail in the back of the “Elsa”dress found at the Sweet Temptations store on the Regal Sim.

Remembering what’s important

There was silence but for the sound of the elephant’s breathing and the occasional flapping of their ears. And in that moment I thought about just how appropriate the mantra that’s on the “About” page of this sim. It truly is:

“A place for mankind to remember what’s important: That which we should co-exist with, that which we should preserve.”  

I thought sadly about how the elephant needs protection from the horrors of poachers or someday they’ll all be gone. I just can’t imagine a world without elephants, can you?

I don’t know if the elephant is my “spirit animals” or what it is. But I have a very real and profound connection with elephants.  I will never forget the experience and I highly recommend you visit the Makeahla Jungle sim and experience it for yourself. Dressed to the nine’s in Chop Zuey and Sweet Temptations, of course!

 Purse jpgDetails:

Dress: “Elsa” by Sweet Temptations

Mesh Clutch: “Cheetah” by Aushka & Co

Location: Makeahla Jungle

REGAL Modeling Academy and retail stores

Reign Heels





Heels: “Asphyxia” by Reign

Eye Makeup: Madrid Solo ~ Lying Eyes- Blue

Eyes: IKON  Hope Eyes ~ Moor

Hair: Amacci ~ Elle ~ Pearl Platinum

Model & Photographer: Avalon Chrome

The River Rocks set by Chop Zuey features a beautiful silver choker with a stunning rustic stone.







 Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

~ River Rocks set (incl. necklace, earrings and bracelet

~ Pasar la Sal Pearl Choker Blk Base A

~ Night Cap Earrings (added to River Rocks earrings)

 **River Rocks ad photo courtesy of Chop Zuey







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