Perfectly and Quite Simply, Loved

A Second Life photographer is only as good as his or her poses. Finding just the right one to express a mood or an emotion can be challenging. This became particularly evident me as I was planning the photograph for an upcoming Linden Lab What Valentine’s Day Means to You” photo contest.

I wanted to express a deep connection between two people, but no pose I tried seemed to emit that. Then, I stumbled across the perfect pose created by WetCat. When I saw the ad photo, it took my breath away and inspired me to create this photo.

Perfectly Simply Loved.jpg

What Valentines Day Means to Me

Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate the kind of love you share with your significant other. This pose sums up the love Mr. T and I share: it’s profoundly moving and absolutely perfect in its simplicity.

Where Can You Find This Pose, You Ask?

The “Synchronicity” pose can be found at the Shiny Shabby event which opened on January 20th.

I know it’s still a bit early, but Happy  Valentine’s Day to all of you.



Mr.T Roecastle and Avalon Chrome

 Leather pants:

Mr.T: “So Rude” outfit by Polo Paul

Avalon: Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants


“Synchronicity” by WetCat (Sold at the Shiny Shabby Event)


Mr.T: “Tyler” by Redgrave

Avalon: ::Exile:: Scribbled Hearts Blondes

Photography: Avalon Chrome


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