A Film Noir Starring Chop Zuey


I’m a Film Noir geek.  I’ve always loved this movie genre for its veil of mystery with dark, shadowy figures conspiring in the moonlight. I’m starstruck by the like likes of the avant-garde Ava Gardner, the glamorous Hedy Lamarr and the chic Gene Tierney .

As much as I love film, it’s no secret that I live, eat and breath Chop Zuey. It’s true that I adore the product: beautiful, versatile, artistic and elegant–all qualities that I completely identify with. But I also love what Chop Zuey stands for as it often promotes humanitarianism. I believe that all companies should give back to community. Chop Zuey continues to be an excellent example of how to be a benevolent corporate neighbor.

As a result of both loves, it’s not unusual that I often combine the two. To my sensibilities, Chop Zuey and Film Noir compliment each other well.

A Spoonful of Beaujolais Noir Helps the Medicine Go Down

This time Chop Zuey is supporting the Spoonful of Sugar Festival which is a Second Life fundraiser for the in-world Doctors Without Borders organization. Belle Roussel, the owner and designer of Chop Zuey, has created a special edition set for this event called, Beaujolais Noir . As is often the case with Chop Zuey jewellery, it was this set that inspired my outfit.

Incredibly 100% of the proceeds of this set will be donated to this cause.
Equally incredible is that the matching hair barrettes are offered as a free gift at this event! (See photo of barrettes at the bottom of this blog)

What is Doctors Without Borders?

“MSF/Doctors Without Borders mission is to provide medical treatment and care the world over to people in the most devastating and dire of conditions with neutrality. Often with great personal risk to their own safety and well-being.”  Spoonful of Sugar Festival organizers.

Chop Zuey Smoke

The dazzling Beaujolais Noir set is a limited edition found at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival for Doctors Without Borders. (Photo courtesy Chop Zuey Courture Jewellery)

The Perfect Film Noir Gown

Marketplace is an amazing place to shop. I found the  Arturo avant garde gown by  Shoenique Designs  in MP. After trying on a demo and seeing how well made it is, I promptly bought it. It comes with mesh body appliers and a lovely hat (not the one shown). I’m new to this designer, but I do like a lot of their styles and will be keeping an eye on their new releases.

Trainspotting FINAL

The Arturo avant garde gown by  Shoenique Designs

A Word on Hats/Fascinators

I’m crazy about them! I mean…what a fabulous way to add personality to an outfit.(And I always throw on something haute couture before hopping on a steam engine train going to some exotic destination! Who doesn’t, right?)

But I’m pretty discerning when it comes to my hats. Let’s face it, not all hats look like they fit properly in SL. That’s why I always go to Couture Chapeau  when hat shopping. This designer’s been in the grid a long time (since 2006)and has a great fashion sense with a quality product and wide selection. The texture-changing Alhambra Lily Cloche which is part of the Plein Air Collection is absolutely stunning and is made to fit perfectly.

Chop Zuey has also designed some incredibly fashion-forward Fascinators. See the following blog about the jaw-dropping fascinators that Belle has created:

Lotus of The Night Sky Fascinator

Working the Nebula Fascinator


I like layering my jewellery. So for this ensemble, I’ve added the long necklace that comes withe Pentecostal set. (See ad below for image of the full set available at Chop Zuey)

Time’s Running Out

The SPOONFUL OF SUGAR festival began on March 18 and only goes until April 1st. So you may want to hurry and get over there quick!

Get these beautiful matching barrettes as a gift at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival


All proceeds of the sale of the Beaujolais Noir  set will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. (Photo courtesy Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery)

The long necklace from the Pentecostal set is worn in my ensemble. (Photo courtesy Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery)


 Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Beaujolais Noir (found at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival)

Pentecostal Blk Long Necklace

Visions of Sugarplums Ring

Hat: Couture Chapeau Alhambra Lily Cloche {MESH} Colour Change

 Hair: Couture ChapeauRobyn Pony Tail Unisex Hat Hair Black

Gown: **SD** Arturo Avant Garde Black Gown BSM

Shoes: REIGN Heart Platforms (for Slink, Maitreya, TMP & Belleza)

Mesh Head: [AK] Mesh Head Lara Vers. 2.5 Bento

Mesh Body: Maitreya  -Lara

Shape: Strawberry Singh – Lara

Hands: VISTA Bento Prohand

 Cigarette with Pipe – + Kamiri +

Sim: Pandora Resort

 Lighting HUD: LUMIPro 2017

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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