Wasteland Graffiti

Happy New Year everyone! I’m starting 2018 off with a bit of a deviation from my usual jewellery-oriented blog. I decided to focus this entry on my favorite outfit. It’s the Trench Suit and matching boots from an exceptional designer called Eclipse Designs (ED). It’s a sexy and versatile outfit that’s great for doing  all kinds of activities, such things as damaging private property like this at The Wastelands. I’m afraid I got a bit of messy spraying graffiti on a wall at this post-apocalyptic community. My bad.

Anyway, you really must check this sim out! You’ll find all kinds of little nuggets to explore and if you like playing combat, salvaging or role play games, this is the place for you.  They’ve spent years perfecting their post apocalyptic-themed game and the community seems friendly and helpful to newcomers.

Wastelands Graffiti Illustrated AAA
The Trench Suit and matching boots from Eclipse is absolutely fabulous!



Outfit: ED. TrenchSuit Maitreya Lavender

Boots: ED. TrenchSuit Boots Maitreya Lavender

Hair: NO.MATCH No.Other (digitally enhanced)

Pose: *PosESioN* –Crystal 1

Mesh Body: Maitreya -Lara

Mesh Head: Catwa Tumble

Hands: Maitreya Bento hands

Photography HUD: LUMIPro 2017

Location: The Wastelands

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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