Extravegance with Paisley Daisy and Chop Zuey

While shopping for gowns to wear with my Chop Zuey jewellery, I recently stumbled across a designer and fell head over heels. I stood at the door camming around and immediately thought, “I want it all!”. I’ll admit that this is an anomaly for me, as I can be quite a discerning shopper. But, Paisley Daisy has mastered the art of combining high quality textures with elegant designs and the result is nothing short of inspirational. The following are the two gowns I refused to leave the store without.

Mosaic Gemstone gown by Paisley Daisy; The Wild Swans set and the Starla Clutch Purse by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery

The stunning Mosaic Gemstone gown has incredible detail and can be worn with or without the sheer skirt. The Starla Clutch Purse in Lime by Chop Zuey is a dream come true for all chartreuse lovers. You can buy this clutch in a variety of colors and like all Chop Zuey jewellery, it’s resizable. Gotta love versatility!

TWS set ChartreuseSimple
The Wild Swans set by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery is a jaw-dropping addition to any gown.

Truly one of my most favorite sets, The Wild Swans by Chop Zuey  has an air of exotic royalty. I love wearing this shimmering indulgence.

Black Sin Done
The Hourglass Black Sin Overlay Gown by Paisley Daisy

This gown by Paisley Daisy has a unique, eye-catching texture. The sheer skirt is optional, but I love how it moves when I wear it.

Black Sin dream
Tomorrow’s Son necklace in rose gold and the Shirobana Bracelet by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery

The Tomorrow’s Son necklace in rose gold is part of a creatively designed set that includes two bracelets and earrings. I loved it so much I got one in each color: black, gold and rose gold as shown here. The Shirobana Bracelet by Chop Zuey is my absolute favorite bracelet! It goes well with so many outfits, including jeans.

Happy shopping and we’ll see you at Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery and Paisly Daisy.


Paisley Daisy:

Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery


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