Today’s Homework: Shopping!

Love at first glimpse

Have you ever walked into a store and fallen head over heels in love with an item? If you have, odds are you bought the item right then and there. Or perhaps you kept going back to drool over it until you finally gave in. Well the latter was the case with me and the Innuendo Gown at Castiel. I’d find myself staring at the larger than life poster and dreaming of all the glamorous places I would wear the gown.  Okay, yes I bought it. But that’s not the whole story: It’s also about why I was in that store in the first place.

Castiel Blog Assignment Merge Orton 5x3
Innuendo by Castiel

The store becomes the classroom

It was part of a homework assignment, if you can believe it.  You see, I’m currently taking a series of courses through Regal Modeling Academy (a wonderful school by the way!). As part of my Regal Scribing class, I’d been asked to blog about three items of my choice from any of the stores on the Regal sim.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t heard, Regal one of the newest, most exciting new high end modeling academies on the grid. It also provides a high end shopping experience with only the best SL designers invited to sell their creations on the Regal sim.  I was happy to shop for my blog there. I knew I would get the best quality fashion for a reasonable price.

"Don't Call Me Betty" by Chop Zuey
“Don’t Call Me Betty” by Chop Zuey and “The Glam Eye” by !Face Paint

My kind of homework!

Really the only difficulty I had was in choosing what to blog, since all the stores at Regal have such a delicious assortment of designs. However, I never forgot that gown and once again found myself standing in Castiel admiring it. Yes, this would be the dress I would blog. Perfect. So, before I knew it, “Innuendo” was in my inventory.

I chose to wear this decadent fur gown with the dazzling “Don’t Call Me Betty” set from Chop Zuey.  The set has a texture changing HUD that allows for a wide assortment of color choices. For my third item I added the gorgeous eye make-up from Face Paint called,”The Glam Eye”. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this versatile make-up. All these items can be purchased through stores found on the Regal sim.

I may not get an A. But I now have this stunning outfit to go dancing or for a moonlight stroll on a breezy beach. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the results of my homework as much as I did doing it. Happy shopping at Regal!


Dress: CASTIEL  ~ Innuendo

Hair: VANITY ~ Diavolo-Jet

Eye Make-up: FACE PAINT The Glam Eye

Jewellery: CHOP ZUEY~ Don’t Call Me Betty-Texture changing set

REGAL Modeling and Shopping Estates

Model and Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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