A Tribute to Romero Britto at Chop Zuey

“Art is too important not to share.”

                                                                     Romero Britto

If art imitates life then modern pop artist Romero Britto must be the happiest artist in the world. This is one reason Chop Zuey designer, Belle Roussel chose to pay homage to Britto with her brand new Romero Britto Collection. In a world where artists can often be so dark, Belle says she sees Romero Britto as a down to earth, “happy little artist”.

Those of you who’ve seen his work will know what she means. This Brazilian born American artist is celebrated for his use of joyfully vibrant colors and bold patterns. Many interpret his art as a sort of visual language of hope and happiness. Britto says that his work reflects his “optimistic faith in the world around him”. Perhaps that’s why he’s become so popular–he hasn’t lost faith in humanity and it shows in his work.

One of four gorgeous sets

There are four sets of absolutely stunning outfits with matching jewellery in the Romero Britto Collection. In this blog, I’m featuring the Por una Cabeza set. And guess what! The jewellery and the sleeves each come with their own texture changing HUD. In fact each set in the collection has texture changing HUDs for both the outfits and the jewellery.  (You know how I just love versatility!)


CZ cu merge oron Best 1
Por una Cabez ~Texture changing set from the Romero Britto Collection only at Chop Zuey.

Like-minded visionaries

It’s only fitting that Chop Zuey should feature the Romero Britto Collection because the two artists’ work share some similar qualities. Much like Romero Britto’s art, Chop Zuey exudes warmth, optimism and love. It’s vibrant and bold and always makes a statement.  I can’t help but feel anything but complete joy when I wear Chop Zuey, especially when it’s an outfit that emits a pure love of life such as this!

Romero Britto 2 light

So if you love this outfit just wait until you see the others from this collection. I’ll be featuring them in future blogs, but until then I highly recommend you head over to Chop Zuey to see this stunning wearable art for yourself. Adeus!


Dress: CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY  ~ Por una Cabeza ~ Texture changing sleeves

Jewellery: CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY~ Por una Cabez ~Texture changing set

Hair: VANITY ~ Lady Boy ~ Platinum

Eye Make-up: Glam Affair ~ Romy – Dark line 01 

Shoes: R.icielli ~CANDICE Mesh High Heels for Slink / Grafitti Black

Model and Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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