Her Divine Sorrow

Once again I’m deviating from the fashion theme of my blog. I wanted to share something rather personal I’ve been working on. I’m taking a photography class from Visionaire Institute and one of our recent assignments was to create an image based on an inspiration from the YouTube music video, “Divine Sorrow” by Wyclef Jean, which was created by Coca-Cola and (RED) to spread the awareness for the movement of an AIDS-Free Generation.

Visually, I was inspired by the organic flow of red and white swirls in the video. Emotionally, I was inspired by the song lyric, “…we sing our sorrows away.” I know that even though just the act of singing can often be cathartic, sometimes I really just want to feel heard and understood by others. Instead I feel like a mute whose attempt to speak is lost in the chaos and noise of life. This frustration causes a sorrow that is often bigger than I am, becoming almost omnipotent.

Her Divine Sorrow

This exercise invoked such strong emotions in me, I was even more inspired to write a poem to accompany the image:

        Her Divine Sorrow

    “Sing your sorrows away”, mock the wicked sisters, Chaos and Wind.
    The mute crumbles to her knees clawing at her mouth to find her voice.
    Chaos slowly tears her to silent pieces as Wind laughs and whips through her hair.
    Lost and unheard, her sorrow is divine.

Avalon Chrome

Do you ever feel like this?


Dress:  Boudoir ~ Red Dragon

Ivy Gloves Cracked Leather ~ Suicidal Unborn

Hair: *ARGRACE* Akane ~ Platinum (modified)

Eye Shadow: Madrid Solo ~ Lying Eyes- Dark Red

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet

Skin: Glam Affair ~Romy ( America )

Image & poem inspired by music video by “Divine Sorrow” by Wyclef Jean

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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