Dreaming at Visionaire

I’m back! Have you wondered where I went? Well, aside from RL travels, I’ve also been dedicating my time to being a SL photography student. Here’s the latest…

Time to Celebrate!

Well I’ve finished my program at Visionaire Institute of SL Photography and what an incredible journey it was. I learned some wonderful technical tips as well as how to tap into who I am and how I feel so as to do my best work. The final assignment for the course required us to create at least ten photographs, some of which could be from our previous assignments and create an art exhibit on the Visionaire Sim.

Come Visit

The student exhibits are truly extraordinary and inspiring. If you’d like to see the galleries in world, here’s the link: Student Exhibition at Visionare Institute of Photography . But hurry…it’s only open for a limited time!

The following is a photo from my exhibit that I created for a contest initiated by Filipa Thespian of NuVibez online magazine. The challenge, offered to the students of Visionaire, was to create a look that was half avant-garde fashionista and half of a fantasy/role play type of character. The winner would win Lindens and be featured on the cover of their magazine. Well..guess what? I WON! Go figure! See magazine and article about me at Nu Vibez.

"Duality" The winning photograph for Nu Vibez magazine.
“Duality” The winning photograph for Nu Vibez magazine.


The theme of the exhibit is “Dreams”. I’ve used the essence of the surreality of dreams to tell a story of transformation from weak to strong with the help of hope. More specifically, the story is personal. It’s about how my two daughters (the butterflies) helped show me the way with love, hope and a reminder to be grounded and do what I love, which is digital art. The transformation is to a place where I was empowered and strong enough to release my butterflies to follow their own dreams.

The Art in Art 2 merge 3
See “The Art is in the Art” photograph and collection now at the Visionaire Institute student gallery in world.

I feel like I learned so much about being confident and courageous with my craft. I learned to dig deep and pull out my creative heart when creating a piece. As a result of my growth, I ‘d like to send a heartfelt thank you to Visionaire Deans WrenNoir Cerise and Nariko Okawa and their guest lecturers for their wealth of knowledge and encouragement. Thanks also to my fellow students who offered wonderfully insightful feedback on my work. I learned so much from all of you.

I’d like to end this post with this: As I continue to learn and grow, I know there are many far better photographers than I in SL. But I also know that as long as I put my heart into my work, the product will at least be something I’ll be proud of—something that’s uniquely me. That’s all I can ever ask. Thank you for your support.


Avalon Chrome


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