Christmas Elegance in Chop Zuey

Chop Zuey (CZ) designer Belle Roussel, asked my CZ modeling cohort Ludmilla Umarov and I, to model and photograph an ad for the Decembeer issue of the Best of Second Life (BOSL) magazine. Of course we jumped all over that as we would any chance to model the exquisite CZ jewellery. But it was a special treat and definitely an honor to be modeling CZ Jewellery for an ad in the  prestigious BOSL magazine.

We wanted the most dazzling new pieces we could find at Chop Zuey. So Ludmilla chose the jaw-dropping “Thugs and Kisses” set and I chose the fabulous “Chandrani” set that comes with an incredibly generous texture-changing HUD.

We had some fun with this photo shoot and took tons of photos . The photo that follows is not quite the one in the ad but is on of the photos taken during the session.

Avalon Lud Blog 2

Also, I just have to add that Paisley Daisy is the designer of my fabulous negligee called, “Gymnast Allure “ which comes with the usual traditional avi underwear layers as well as Omega and Maitreya appliers and gold and copper skirts to add some glamour.  Ludmilla’s wearing the lovely Alura dress by Lybra. Both of the “Starlet” stoles are from an up and coming designer called, Plastix which are sold on Markeplace.The fur texture looks so real…but it’s as the band the Bare Naked Ladies say, “…NOT REAL FUR…cause that’s cruel!”

The ad can be seen here: BOSL December issue.  All the best to you this holiday season!


Model: Ludmilla Umarov (Front)

Jewellery: Chop Zuey (Best of SL Sim)

                        Chop Zuey (Main store):

Thugs n’ Kisses Set

Dress: Allura by Lybra

Hair: Goth Shine by Vanity Hair

Eyes: Mesh lashes & eyeliner, Oceane Body Design

Makeup: Goldiliscious full makeup by Oceane Body Design

Fur: Starlet Stole Black (touched up): by PLASTIX

Model: Avalon Chrome (back)

Jewellery: Chop Zuey (Best of SL Sim)

                        Chop Zuey (Main store):

Chandrani Texture Change Set

Ice Queen Ring

 Neglige: Paisley Daisy ~ Gymnast Allure Bronze lingerie set”

Eyes: IKON ~”Lucid” ~ Maldives

Hair: Amacci  “Rina” ~ Pearl Platinum

Fur: Starlet Stole Peach(touched up): from Plastix

Photographer: Avalon Chrome

Thugs-n-Kisses Set

Chandrani Texture Change Set Set


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