The Life of a Lion…is Priceless

For the Love of Wild Animals

Christmas should be a time for showing love and appreciation for not only our loved ones but for all of Mother Nature’s creatures as well. Each year at this time, Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey makes a special effort to remember and support the world’s wildlife by creating an Animal Tribute Campaign fundraiser for which 100% of all proceeds benefit the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This year Belle pays homage to the late, great Cecil the Lion who has become a symbol for big cats around the world who are brutally hunted. A tribute is paid with the stunning “Life of a Lion Demi Parure” set for women and “The Life of a Lion Brooch” for men.

The Story of Cecil the Lion

You may recall the unscrupulous killing last July of Cecil who was an adult male lion in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. He was known to the locals as an exceptionally beautiful lion and was collared and monitored as part of a long-running Oxford University study. The lion was lured outside the protective wildlife park by a truck with a dead animal attached to it, so that it could be legally killed. Cecil was wounded with an arrow and then tracked for forty hours before he was shot to death. It is reported that the hunter paid upwards of $50,000 US for the bow and arrow hunt of the animal. Cecil was later beheaded and skinned. So the price of the life (or death)of this lion probably greased some very corrupt palms, while the Minnesota dentist who hunted him, proudly hangs the head of the beloved Cecil above his mantel.

A life of a Lion square2

Let’s Make a Stand

Poaching and trophy hunting are not okay. I strongly encourage you to go to Chop Zuey and buy this beautiful set or tie pin to offer your support of the WWF. By purchasing and wearing this stunning set, you’re making a stand against the brutal, senseless killing of wild animals. Let’s let it be known that the life of a Lion is priceless.

For more information on the story of Cecil the Lion go to:

World Wildlife Fund:


Jewellery: Chop Zuey (Best of SL Sim)

                        Chop Zuey (Main store):

Life of a Lion Demi Parure

Life of a Lion Men’s Brooch (worn on head wrap)

Fire & Brimstone Ring

Dress: Robyn (Gold) by Sascha’s Designs

HEADWRAP :L&H -Black Knit

Mask: Madrid Solo Cosmetics – Fashion Mask Designs- Vagary-Blazing Bronze

The Life of A Lion Set

The Life of A Lion Mens Brooch - Ad



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