Around the World in 30 Days: Paris

*The “Around the World in 30 Days” series is dedicated to Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey who has supported and inspired me ever since I met her. Thank you Belle, you’re an incredible woman.

Bonjour Paris!

After a long flight, I stepped off the jet to see that “Oh-la-la!”,  Mr. T had flown us to Paris!  Thankfully I’d had plenty of sleep on the plane, because Mr.T had lots of excitement planned for us. After checking into the exquisite Eiffel Seine Hotel, we dressed for an elegant french night on the town.

I wore the stunning new Clouds of Athena (Spring Edition) jewellery set from Chop Zuey that can be found at this month’s SWANK event. Such an elegant set deserved something in chiffon, so I wore it with the white Scarlet skirt from ** DIRAM **.  The stylish, yet versatile mesh top is Immortal from RAPTURE™.

First we enjoyed a sinfully decadent dinner of Mont d’Or chaud at the famous Le Sixieme Sen restaurant. Then we went to the stunningly ornate Palais Garnier opera house for the opening of the “Maguy Marin Opera Ballet”. Finally we topped our memorable night off with a wonderful evening stroll around the Eiffel Tower as we watched the sun setting over Paris. It was absolutely magical!

Two in Paris 2.jpg
Strolling around the Eiffel Tower at dusk. (Poses by Avalon)

The Spectacular Eiffel Tower

As the setting sun peeked lazily through the base of the tower, the evening air became cool, so Mr.T graciously offered his jacket to keep me warm. I gazed up at the magnificent Eiffel tower, awe-struck by the massive 300 meter high monument. As we strolled the grounds hand in hand, Mr. T and I discussed what an impressive feat it must have been to construct such a spectacular monument almost 130 years ago.

Ava Paris CU
The dazzling Chop Zuey jewellery set “Clouds of Athena”, sparkling elegantly in the setting sun.

T Paris med
Mr. T looking yummy in his shirt, tie and tuxedo pants from Hoorenbeek
bracelet 3
Men’s Bracelet by Chop Zuey (free gift)

The Classy Mr. T

Mr. T loves his new bracelet from Chop Zuey and has been wearing it a lot since he got it. You can find it at the Group Gifts for men section of the Chop Zuey store. With it’s simple, yet elegant design that features a subtle inset diamond,  I think it’s one of the classiest men’s bracelets I’ve ever seen.

The always stylish and classy Mr. T looks handsome in this shirt, tie and pants from Hoorenbeek.

The shirt is the “Basic”shirt, which comes with a wide variety of options from open, closed, sleeves rolled up or down, tucked and untucked. The tucked version of the shirt works best with higher-wasted pants such as the “Townsend”Tux pants Mr.T is wearing from Hoorenbeek .

Glam shot Paris Orton.jpg
The Scarlet Skirt from ** DIRAM **with the Immortal top from RAPTURE™

A Remarkable Sim

Set in the 1900’s, the long-time running sim, Paris 1900 Les Champs Elysees is truly amazing. There is so much to see and do on this rather large sim: You can tour the Arc de Triomphe, see the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, Les Champs Elysées and art exhibits. The buildings are impressive with much attention paid to every detail. There’s also of course plenty of fabulous shopping.

Au Revoir Paris

We’ll take a few days to see the rest of the sights before we’ll be hopping back on our jet.I don’t know where we’re off to next and the suspense is killing me! Mr.T says he has a big surprise for me on the next leg of our journey. He won’t say much more about it, other than we won’t be leaving the continent and to make sure I have sunscreen. Yaay!

Click here to travel with us to Italy!

About the SWANK Event

The Clouds of Athena set by Chop Zuey can only be found at this month’s round of the SWANK event. This event hosts almost a hundred of the grid’s most talented designers. It’s here that you’ll find exclusive fashion items for men, women and kids as well as unique home and garden items. The prices at the SWANK event are reasonable too, with all items 300L or less.

The Clouds of Athena - Spring Edition Set - Swank
The Clouds of Athena Spring Edition set by Chop Zuey found exclusively at the SWANK event  (Photo courtesy Chop Zuey)
Chop Zuey Mens Bracelet 1

Men’s Bracelet by Chop Zuey (free gift) (Photo courtesy Chop Zuey)



Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Clouds of Athena Set (Swank Event item)

Bel Aire Wedding set

Skirt: ** DIRAM ** Scarlet Skirt ~ White

Top: RAPTURE™ ~Immortal~Blanc

Jacket: *COCO* ~JacketOverShoulders ~Black

Shoes.:KC:. Sinsual Heels for MAITREYA

Hands: Slink ~ Elegant/Relaxed

Hair: Amacci ~Klara ~ Vanilla Blond

Hair Flower: Zuri’s ~NSP Hibiscus flower ~ Black

Eyes: IKON ~Utopia Eyes ~ Deep Mint

 Mr T.

Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Bracelet: Chop Zuey Mens Bracelet (free gift now at Chop Zuey)

Ring: Bel Aire Plt Mens Wedding Band

Shirt: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Basic Shirt – Open#2 – Rolled Up – Tucked

Pants: [ hoorenbeek ] – Mesh Townsend Tuxedo – Pants

Mesh Bow Tie #1– [ hoorenbeek ] – Loose

Dress Shoes: .:L&B:.  Traditional LaceUps w/ HUD

Belt:Meli Imako MI87058 Mesh Classic Pants Belt

Hair: {Magic} Rigged Fitted Meh Hair HV58

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Brown

Hands: Slink– Relaxed

Location: Paris Eiffel ~Paris 1900

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome

Model: Mr T


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