Around the World in 30 Days: Italy

*The “Around the World in 30 Days” series is dedicated to Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey who has supported and inspired me ever since I met her. Thank you Belle, you’re an incredible woman.

Pardon the sheer size of this blog, but I have so much to tell you! We left off last time with Mr. T and I heading off to an unknown location where a surprise would be waiting there for me and Mr. T hinted that I should bring sunscreen. Well, we actually made two stops:the second of which I would need my sunscreen, which I’ll get to later.

Italy Part I: A Venitian Masquerade Ball

The next leg of our adventure began with an exotic masquerade ball right in the heart of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy at the enchanting Doge’s Palace! Mr. T who’s traveled to RL Venice was blown away by the accuracy and details of the Venezia Aria sim, which features the Rialto Bridge among other walking bridges that Venice is so famous for. The cultural richnesss of Venice is truly represented in this amazing sim.

The masqerade ball was held in the authenticly built Doge’s Palace ballroom. The decadent gold ceilings and elaborate tapestries on the wall are an amazing replica of the real ballroom. The room was also lined with ornamental cherry blossom trees which was a nice touch to celebrate the arrival of spring.

DWM flat2
Ballroom dancing at a masquerade Venice (pose by Avalon Chrome)

Breathtaking Baixa de Cassanje in Blue

The detail of the amazing Baixa de Cassanje Blue jewellery set from Chop Zuey is absolutely exquisite. This special edition masterpiece was made exclusively for the Designer Showcase April event. The dazzling matching headpeice is a free gift to all Designer Showcase VIP members.

Ava in Venice CU orton
The stunning Baixa de Cassanje Blue set available exclusively at the April Designer Showcase event

Mr. T looked very handsome in the Townsend Mesh Tuxedo from hoorenbeek. The Volto Pierrot mask from *Illusions* is dramatic and mytique. It’s also versatile as it comes complete with a texture changing HUD offering a selection of various versions of this mask.

Two in Venice
Baixa de Cassanje Blue set and the men’s Sacrilege pin by Chop Zuey.
Sacrilege Men’s Fibula (Photo courtesy Chop Zuey)

My dashing partner wore the Sacrilege Brooch also by Chop Zuey. This gorgeous piece is available in gold or silver at the Swank April Event. Check out the amazing detail!

Mr. T gave me a beautifully hand-crafted filigree mask from Madrid Solo. It was perfect for this outfit, adding a nice elegant compliment to the exquisite Baixa de Cassanje Blue jewellery set from Chop Zuey. The filigree design of the mask is so decadent that I hated to take it off by the end of the night.

A One of a Kind Gown

I’m so glad I packed my Lil Sarah Sparkle black  gown from Sascha Designs, who is my favorite gown designer. The front of the gown is almost open, with only the merest whisper of sheer fabric for a hint of modesty. The sexy, yet elegant design of this gown went perfectly with my mask and jewellery. Mr.T was really appreciative of my gown too, which allowed a leg to to peek through as we sailed  around the dance floor.

Avalon Gown

Lil Sarah Sparkle black  gown from Sascha Designs

Sascha Designs is big on versatility in their gowns, many of which include a variety of skirts and options. I just love how unique and versatile the this gown is. After a long night of ballroom dancing, you can remove the skirt to reveal a sparkling little dress that’s perfect for dancing at a nightclub in Venice, such as I did. The upper frill comes in two peices and can be worn with both, or just one or none to reveal a draw-string detail in the back.

DWM Club

The jazz nightclub is just off in a corner of the St. Mark’s Square. We had a great time doing the Charlston to a wide variety of jazz music, while we danced until dawn.

Italy Part II: An Island Getaway

The second part of our Italian tour was the biggest surprise so far. Mr. T took me to an Italian villa on its own small island called  Santa Maria dell’isola ! I was so surprised to have this island getaway all to ourselves, where we spent a week recovering from all the traveling and late nights.

Ice Cream for Two

Matchy Matchy

Mr. T thinks of everything, so of course he had matching Italian swimwear for us to wear as we lounged around at the villa. Mine is the  Italian Woman from Custom iNKZ. It comes with Maitreya, Belliza and Omega mesh body appliers as well as regular body layers for non-mesh bodies. The bikini set includes a version with beige short-shorts and a cute little Italian flag to hang from your mouth (which I of course forgot to wear for the photos!). Mr. T’s swimsuit that features an Italian flag in the front and back is the “Ciao” trunks from HUG’S .

Love Rush Necklaces
Love Rush free gift from Chop Zuey (photo courtest Chop Zuey)

The longer necklace is the Love Rush long necklace in gold which is currently a non-member free gift at Chop Zuey that comes with both the gold and silver versions. So you better get there quick before it’s nolonger available for free.

The shorter necklace is  the Heart & Soul set, which is texture-changing (see ad at the bottom of this blog for a closer look), the nose ring in white gold and the Wild Cherry Belly Ring all from Chop Zuey.

Santa Maria dell’isola

Santa Maria dell’isola Italy is a lovely build on the Timeless Memories sim where free to wander and relax. It truly has an authentic Mediterranean feel. The build has three levels with the landing point near a rocky and sandy beach and a boat dock. The second level boasts a fabulous sundeck with ample lounging areas and ice cream stands. The third level hosts a beautiful villa complete with a pool and a fantastic view.

Ava Beach2.jpg

From a masquerade ball in Doge’s Palace and then a nightclub in St Mark’s Square, a romantic stroll across the Rialto Bridge and then to a week long island getaway, I think I can fairly say, “I love Italy!”

Polaroids 3.jpg

Once again, I close this blog with no idea of where Mr.T is whisking me off to next for the final leg of our journey around the world. But wherever it is, I’m sure it will be.  Until next time, Ciao!

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Heart & Soul Texture Change Set.png
Heart and Soul Texture-changing set from Chop Zuey (photo couresy Chop Zuey)




Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Baixa de Cassanje Blue jewellery set (exclusive to the Designer Showcase)

Bel Aire Wedding set

Gown: Sascha Designs: Lil Sarah Sparkle Black

Mask: Madrid Solo Mesh Mask Designs- Filigree Black

Shoes.:KC:. GIORGIA Heels for MAITREYA

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * TYRA3*/darkred

Eyes: IKON ~Utopia Eyes ~ Deep Mint

 Mr T.

Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Sacrilage Brooch (Swank Event – April)

Ring: Bel Aire Plt Mens Wedding Band

Mask: *~*Illusions*~ Volto Pierrot

Tux: [ hoorenbeek ] – Mesh Townsend Tuxedo

Dress Shoes: .:L&B:.  Traditional LaceUps w/ HUD

Hair: {Magic} Rigged Fitted Meh Hair HV58

Hands: Slink– Relaxed


Italian Villa:


Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Heart & Soul Necklace -Texture Changing

Wild Cherry Belly Ring

Love Rush Long Necklace Gld (Free Gift)

Nose Diamond WG

Bikini: Custom iNKZ Italian Woman

Vanity Hair:Flirt(2)(MAT)-Light Blonds

IKON Hope Eyes – Midnight

Sunglasses: B&WDIVINA Sunglasses – SFF2014 (Exclusive)

Mesh Body- Maitreya Lara

Mesh Head – Lelutka Karin

Mr. T

Swimsuit: HUG’S  Ciao Trunks

Hair: {Magic} Rigged Fitted Meh Hair HV58

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome

Model: Mr T


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