Beyond Thunderchrome

I have a friend who loves to come up with new versions of my name. So April, this one’s for you.

I love the whole Mad Max franchise of movies. There’s something about the post-apocalyptic genre that invokes the bad girl in me.So when I got a hold of the gorgeous texture-changing Nitty-Ka set from Chop Zuey , I was motivated to jump into a Mad Max theme and go explore a post-apocalyptic sim.


That’s the thing about the creations of Chop Zuey  Jewellery. They’re unique, inspiring and versatile. I can wear Chop Zuey for anything: from casual day with jeans to a glamorous night out and even to go kick some bad guy’s ass in a barren wasteland. You gotta love that!


Sparking the Imagination

Zibska is also a designer that sparks my imagination . I found these stunning texture-changing feather pauldrons called “Keallach” and the “Alviss” eye make-up at Zibska and added them to the leather bodysuit from Kelini to create this ensemble. This leather bodysuit also come with a gorgeous off-the-shoulder leather jacket, which I’ll surely blog sometime in the near future. Kelini  is a new designer to me, but I’m going to be shopping at this store more frequently as I really love the uniqueness of of the designs.

The thigh-high boots are from Maitreya and I just love them. The leather texture is superior and they fit so well.  I have them in several colors and wear them a lot!


The Wastelands-a Hidden Gem

The sim is called “The Wastelands“.  This post-apocalyptic community is established and curated by NeoBokrug Elytis. Truly a masterpiece, this sim is a collaborated effort of its residents.

The nature of this community is described well on the sim’s main page.

This is the original sim of The Wastelands estate, SL’s oldest post apocalyptic residential area. Ruined shops, makeshift homes, and broken buildings line cracked and sand-strewn streets, and flank the rusting, twisted tracks of a long-abandoned railroad.” says estate owner/curator NeoBokrug Elytis.

A closer look at this sim reveals there’s more to it than an impressive post-apocalyptic build. The Wastelands is also a hub for a combat and salvage game, whisking participants away into a a world much like Mad Max where they must survive attacts from other participants while scaveging for items that can later be combined into weapons, etc.

 For more information on The Wastelands and the game play, go to their Wiki page:

I had a great time exploring this sim and highly recommend checking it out…while looking post-apocalyptic cool in Chop Zuey, Zibska, Kelini, Exxess and Maitreya of course!


Photo courtesy of Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery


 Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Nitty Ka Texture Change Set

Nose Diamond Gld

 HaireXxEsS : VESNA

Boots: Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Liquorice Leather

Bodysuit:.Kelini Leather Body

Pauldrons: Zibska ~Keallach

Mesh Head: Lelutka ~ Karin

Mesh Body: Maitreya  ~ Lara

Eyes: IKON ~ Lucid Eyes ~Spearmint

Nails:Formanails Stiletto Nails- Maitreya (Gold/Red)

Eye Makeup: Zibska ~ Alviss

Sim: The Wastelands

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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