Chop Zuey is Golden with PREY

Bellatrix by Chop Zuey

I came across an amazing dress called “Cleopatra” by PREY and was awestruck. After promptly purchasing it, as usual I went to Chop Zuey to find accessories. I must admit that Chop Zuey never lets me down and I can always count on this designer to have just the right pieces to perfectly accessorize a look. When I saw the Bellatrix set at Chop Zuey, I knew the gold-ringed choker and the texture-changing HUD would help to complete the look.


The Bellatrix set from Chop Zuey includes a choker, earrings, a ring and two bracelets.

Cleopatra by PREY

PREY has always been one of may favorite designers for avant garde looks. This designer has some of the most original designs in the grid. I’m always surprised and amazed by PREY’s new releases and eager to wear their haute couture. I can’t wait to see what the next new fabulous release will be.

Gold Angel Mid A.jpg

Repetition in Design

As a stylist I like to keep design principles in mind when creating an ensemble. One principle is repetition. I love repetition. What I mean is, when I see lines or shapes in an outfit, I like to carry them through in the rest of the look to create some flow and continuity. In this case, I love the golden stripes and curvature of the breast chain featured in this design. So I found wings to repeat these shapes.

I found these mesh  wings by T-3D Creations on Marketplace. They come as a full set of both silver and gold and are full perm. The background I chose is also meant to repeat the shapes and flow of the stripes of the skirt as seen above) and the direction and flow of the wings (as seen below).

Incidentally, the choker from the Bellatrix set by Chop Zuey also repeats this theme. The blue of the stones in the jewelry add a touch of contrast and match my eyes.

This haute couture “Cleopatra”dress is new from PREY

BAX Knows Boots

These adorable booties by BAX  are definitely worth mentioning. This shoe designer has been around for a long time so their product is impeccable. These form-fitting booties offer realistic textures with a texture-changing HUD allowing you to change the color of the sole , the heal and the metal. This gold set offers several different shades of gold and will look just as stunning with jeans as they do with this dress. Thank you once again BAX!

The beautifully textured “Poppy” booties from BAX fit my mesh body beautifully

Exploring the Wastelands

The photo shoot for this blog was an adventure in itself thanks to the The Wastelands: The Rot sim. Best experienced with the Windlight Sky setting: “Wastelands”, this post-apocalyptic style sim has all kinds of unique little corners to explore.Go check out the stage area – it’s pretty cool. The sim owner very generously allows you to rez there, which is a dream for photographers who need to add light sources, etc.

Photo courtesy Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery


 Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

Bellatrix set

Nose Diamond Gld 

Bel Aire Wedding set

Dress: PREY – Cleopatra

 Hair: Dura *DG*64 (Champagne blonde x caramel honey)

Boots: BAX Poppy Booties Gold

Wings: T-3D Creations [ WINGS No.3 – Gold / Silver – ] MESH – Full Perm

Mesh Head: Lelutka ~ Karin

Mesh Body: Maitreya  ~ Lara

Eyes: IKON ~ Eyes – Midnight

Sim:The Wastelands: The Rot sim

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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