Tatanka Ska: From the Dark Into the Light

“Tatanka Ska” means “White Buffalo” in the native Lakota language. The white buffalo with a rare white coat symbolizes a mark of a transitional period – from the dark into the light. So it’s only fitting that during these challenging times, Belle Roussel of  Chop Zuey  Couture Jewellery intuitively created a magnificent symbol of hope in the form of the stunning, texture-changing mask called Tatanka Ska: The Sacred White Buffalo.

There are multiple textures to choose from including options that hint of Mexico, which is the theme country at this month’s Tlalli Fair. If you would like to own this stroke of brilliance, you’ll need to hurry. It’s only available at the Tlalli the Fair Around the World event until the end of September.

Instinctively Inspired

Belle Roussel, the mastermind behind the creative designs of Chop Zuey told me that she was suddenly and inexplicably driven to create this mask. But I believe that it was an instinctive response to an underlying collective call from a world in need of hope and inspiration.

Kamalika Necklace

I’ve paired this mask with one of my most favourite necklaces by Chop Zuey. It’s from the Kamlika set and it’s also texture-changing. 

Soir De Paris Gown

I chose this beautiful Soir De Paris gown because it’s simple elegance and design details complement those of the mask. Now I’m ready for a masquerade party in France. And what designer best knows what the elite Parisian crowd is wearing to swanky events nowadays? The answer: only LUXE Paris, of course. The Soir De Paris is the perfect black evening gown for anyone wanting to make an elegant statement. The textured waistband really adds an interesting element while making the waist look tiny – and what girl doesn’t want that!


Photo courtesy Chop Zuey
Photo courtesy Chop Zuey


Jewellery by Chop Zuey:

         Mask: Tatanka Ska – The Sacred White Buffalo available until the end of September at the Tlalli the Fair Around the World-Anniversary Round Mexico II

          Necklace: Kamalika (texture-changing)

Gown: LUXE Paris– Soir de Paris

Hair: Truth – Poetry

Gloves: Bauhaus Movement – Taylor Bento Gloves/Maitreya- Purple

Eye Make-up:- TONE 2

Eyes: AviGlam Alluring

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara (Shape by Wren’s nest)

Photography HUD: LUMIPro18

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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