LUXE Paris Goes Interstellar

As the earth capsizes, we look to the stars.”


As I get to know more about the ideology and the people behind LUXE Paris, I realize how truly blessed I am to work with such greatness. This amazing haute couture brand nurtures a culture of empowerment, beauty and positivity, which is so very aligned with my own sensibilities.

You’ll get a taste of what I mean when you attend the upcoming LUXE Paris event on Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 9am SLT, when the brand will reveal its exclusive Interstellar fall collection. This intergalactic-themed fashion show features a beautiful fall line of clothing with each of the outfits being named after a planet or star. The colour palette is vibrant and the designs are unique, elegant and sexy. The underlying message: looking to the stars for inspiration, beauty and hope for the future. They portray this vision with:

…a collection of soft and reassuring colors but also with shocking, destabilizing effects, combinations of unprecedented shades and surprising amalgamations.


These awe-inspiring pieces will be presented by One on One, which is one of the grid’s most prestigious modelling agencies. Beautiful top models will amaze you with their exceptional stylings of the clothing from this unique fall collection. The venue is absolutely stunning and will set the mood for the show – but I won’t say more and ruin the surprise for you.

Here’s just a taste of the fabulous haute couture you will see at this event.


This adorable matching top and skirt has become one of my favorite sets from LUXE Paris.


This cute set includes a top, pants and boots.


This stunning gown comes with a gorgeous pink fur bolero. (And by the way, this has become my absolute favourite gown!)

BONUS! A Gift for All Attendees

LUXE Paris will be gifting this gorgeous INTERSTELLAR outfit that includes a Mink Coat (don’t worry, no animals were harmed), tank top, leggings and these adorable boots!

Ad courtesy of LUXE Paris

As brand ambassador, I’ll be introducing collection segments as well as modelling some amazing pieces. Here’s your limo ride, I hope to see you there!

Ad courtesy of LUXE Paris


Outfit One: PLUTO

Skirt and top: PLUTO by LUXE Paris

Necklace & earrings: Matangi Rishi by Chop Zuey

Boots: Akira by Utopia Design

Gloves: Octavia by [[ Masoom ]]

Hair: Poetry by Truth

Outfit Two: POLARIS

Top, pants & boots: Polaris by LUXE Paris

Hair & hat: No Fault by no.match

Outfit Three: RANA

Gown and Fur Bolero: RANA by LUXE Paris

Necklace: Cote Savage in white by Chop Zuey

Gloves: Sabina bento by [[ Masoom ]]

Hair: Smolder by Exile

Photography HUD: LUMIPro18

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


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