New LUXE Paris Haute Couture Released at SWANK

Make an unforgettable entrance at your next party with this snowflake-themed collection called LET IT SNOW.

You’ll be on trend with these stunning ensembles that show off this season’s pink and gold accents. The exquisite leather and snowflake lace theme is repeated in both outfits. The men’s leather vest and pink snowflake tie complement the feminine ensemble with a pink leather jacket, snowflake halter top, leggings, boots, and a luxuriously sexy skirt.

These gorgeous complete couture ensembles can be purchased in the December SWANK event at the launch price of 400 L each and will be made available in the LUXE Paris store showroom in January.

Models: 2022 LOTY Jade Pono and Brajk


SWANK is a monthly shopping event focused on providing Second Life Residents with the hottest products in home and garden, beauty, fashion, meshes, and more! Everyone is more than welcome to explore and discover wonderful designs from over 100 skilled designers found at this location. New themes for the event are released on the 7th of every month. Click here to learn more.

Happy Holidays,


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