A Slavic Winter at LUXE Paris

Fashion and culture go hand in hand. Some of the most influential fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Elie Saab have created awe-inspiring collections based on cultural influences. And often these collections go on to inspire fashion trends for years. So when LUXE Paris was invited to be part of a Russian-themed event where we would design in-theme outfits and then create an artistic photograph of each one, we embraced the opportunity.

The Event

The Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 event is a great opportunity for all kinds of artists from fashion designers to painters, builders, poets, actors, and musicians to celebrate the Russian culture with an expression of art. The theme is based on paganism, unity with nature, indigenous gods, the strength of spirit, fairy tales and epics, furs, and ancient patterns. Funded by Linden Lab, the event, which starts on January 1 and runs until February 28, is one of the first achievements of Second Life Endowment for The Arts (SLEA).

LUXE Paris Entries

LUXE Paris is one of many fashion houses to participate in this event. The designers of LUXE Paris: Paris Skytower, Mika Palmyra, and I have each created an outfit that is on exhibit in a photo in our booth at the art gallery of the Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 event.

All of these outfits are available for purchase at LUXE Paris.

Krasne by Paris Skytower

Parisian Skytower presents KRASNE, a dress and headpiece all in Slavic poetry.

Krasne means beautifully, in a beautiful way. LUXE Paris KRASNE Top, Skirt & Headpiece was created to embody the bold colors and beauty of the Slavic culture. Exclusively made for the Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 Event.

The LUXE Paris KRASNE outfit is available in Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Tonic mesh body sizes.

SLAVIC BEAUTY by Mika Palmyra

The dress with coat and hat SLAVIC BEAUTY by Mika Palmyra, for its part, features the iconic material of this snow country, fur! 

This picture presents the LUXE Paris SLAVIC BEAUTY Mink Coat, Skirt, Hat & Hair, a tribute to the slavic culture created especially for the Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 Event.

The LUXE Paris SLAVIC BEAUTY outfit is available in Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies sizes.

ANASTASIA by Avalon Chrome

Avalon Chrome has chosen to play the Grand Duchess ANASTASIA Nikolaevna, adorned with a sumptuous kokoshnik, a typically Russian headdress.

Anastasia was a Russian Princess at the end of the Romanov dynasty. If she had lived to maturity she may very well have become this beautiful, regal and elegant, woman capable of inspiring her nation. This stunning gown, fur stole, cape and headdress are designed in honor of Russia’s history and created exclusively for the Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 event.

The LUXE Paris ANASTASIA outfit is available in Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Ocacin, Tonic, Classic & Fitmesh mesh body sizes.

Here I am visiting our exhibit at the Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 event.
There’s so much to see in this gorgeous region so come and check it out!

Learn more about LUXE Paris’s contribution to the Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021 event here.

Image courtesy of Mika Palmyra for the SL Enquirer


Avalon’s Accessories

Hair : Rosa by Jumo

Earrings: Mei Ling by Chop Zuey

Shoes: JADA by N-Core


One thought on “A Slavic Winter at LUXE Paris

  1. Did you design the mink coat? It’s cool, and the lead piece in the first visual. And the cloths and ….

    Sara Crockett Consultant, Marketing and Brand Strategy

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