A Pageant to Remember

The Face of Chop Zuey pageant is over and what an amazing experience it was. I truly enjoyed competing in this pageant. It was challenging, fun and I met some really wonderful people. The judges really got it right when they chose Rehana Selijan as the next Face of Chop Zuey. She’s beautifully exotic with […]

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Confessions of an SL Shopaholic

CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY I love to shop at Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery. This amazing company and it’s creator/designer Belle Roussel embraces: Elegance, sophistication and creative decadence I feel amazing when I wear Chop Zuey. …and a love of all living creatures. The Animal Speaks Collection: beautiful and charitable. There’s truly no store in SL like Chop Zuey. Go […]

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