The Mermaid of Avalon

Hi there!

This blog is a bit different from my usual fashion-themed format.  Today my focus today is art. 

Learning Digital Painting 

I’m always trying to improve as an artist. I’ve been challenging myself to learn new digital painting techniques, such as painting hair. It’s fun but I find it a bit tricky and time-consuming. Each strand is a brush stroke followed by adding multiple layers of colour, lighting and contrast. (I began this image with a bald head).

Inspired by Talent

I chose to create a mermaid photograph because I was inspired by Dakota Lavarock who recently won a fantasy character modelling/styling competition with her mermaid through the fabulous Regal Modeling Academy & Agency  I wasn’t able to photograph her beautiful mermaid as planned. But since I’d already planned this photo and made the pose, I decided to just go ahead and create the photo for my own use. I knew it would be great practice for painting hair. (Thank you Dakota for being such a wonderful inspiration!)

Avalon Mermaid Art Show.png

Blending SL, RL and Digital Painting

I chose this Melina corset from Luas  because it reminds me of a coral reef. I also wanted to create a contrast between the soft, flowing movement of the mermaid tail and hair and the hard metal of the silver corset.

The jewellery is the Mbielu set from Chop Zuey. This avant-garde mega pack set comes with a necklace, bracelets (with or without claws), earrings, earring cuffs, eyebrow jewels and two different sized headdresses. The texture-changing HUD offers a multitude of choices.

Other than the corset and jewellery, I’ve added brush strokes to the image to make it my own composition (including the fish and bubbles!). So this truly is the Mermaid of Avalon.

I’ll continue to learn and grow as a digital artist. This is only the beginning of what I plan to create in the future.

Mblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Texture Change Mega Pack.png
Photo courtesy Chop Zuey


Avalon sig resized



Jewellery by Chop ZueyMbielu set: Antennae Diadem, necklace and eyebrow jewels

Corsette: Luas Melina 

Skin: Entity – Kimberly Creamy (for Catwa)

Make-up:- Zibska Dasia

Mesh Body: Maitreya –Lara

Mesh Head: Catwa – Tumble

Hands: Maitreya Bento hands

Photography HUD: LUMIPro 2017

Pose by me

Hair by me

Nails by me

Mermaid Tail : (digitally enhanced from image by Sylwia77 @ Deviant Art)

Backdrop: (digitally enhanced from image by shipwreck_by_a_n_j_u_n_a-d7ejj5a)

Model/Photographer: Avalon Chrome


One thought on “The Mermaid of Avalon

  1. Avalon, this is a stunningly beautiful artwork. Just lovely. I am glad you did it! The Luas Melina corset really enhances the scene, and I love Chop Zuey’s jewelry. A very aesthetic and pleasing work!

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